Why Science Expression?

UCD Science Expression is Ireland's first and only dedicated science film festival; a dynamic public engagement programme invigorating conversation around science, technology, research and innovation through film and new media.

If you love science, have a soft spot for scientists and relish the innovative thinking of researchers worldwide, UCD Science Expression is for you.

The 2013 edition of UCD Science Expression showcased some of the most exciting filmmaking inspired by and excavating science. From classic movies seen in a very different light to world-class features and shorts premiering at UCD Science Expression. We presented screenings, events and debate for enquiring minds of all ages.  Festival 2013 took a unique journey through key themes including The Curious Mind, Land & Identity, Frontiers of Discovery and Biodiversity and Ecology from October 31st – November 3rd 2013 at locations around Dublin city. In 2014 we partnered with Celebrate Science and the brilliant team from HAPPENINGS to bring some great speakers and films to the CHQ Building in Dublin's docklands. For more information see our PAST EVENTS page.

Our vision is to support Ireland in joining its international counterparts in delivering a vibrant science communication infrastructure of which film and new media is a key element.